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5 Reasons Why 1,000s Of Coffee Drinkers Are Switching To Javy

"My mornings have never been faster, easier, and more convenient since I switched to Javy's Coffee Concentrate"

Javy Buzz Writer
By Jessica Michelle
Javy Buzz writer

We recently asked the Javy Tribe to tell us why they finally decided to ditch long lines at coffee shops, stale coffee grounds from grocery stores, and wasteful coffee pods. Here are the most common responses:

1. Made for people who want easier home-made coffee.

Quick and easy coffee on a table

Making coffee at home has always felt more like a chore than anything else. I dreaded having to make coffee half-asleep every morning. Javy's coffee concentrate changed the game with its 3 second coffee. Now I simply roll out of bed, grab Javy from my fridge, mix a couple teaspoons of Javy with some water and ice, and voila! Getting my morning caffeine boost has never been faster or easier!

2. Make any style of coffee just the way you like it.

Iced coffee top viewDropping coffee concentrate into iced coffee.

I like to switch up my coffees throughout the day. Most of the time I like to keep it simple with a little Oatmilk and sugar added to my coffee. My favorite thing about Javy is that you can make any of your favorite coffees in seconds. Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee, Javy can be made either way. From there top it off with your favorite milks, syrups, and toppings 😋. Javy has an amazing community of coffee lovers that are always posting delicious recipes for you to try too!

3. Made with cleanest & purest ingredients.

Purest form of coffee concentrate

Over the years I've become more concerned about what I'm consuming on a daily basis. I've read a lot about grocery store coffee sitting on the shelves for months, collecting all sorts of mold, and growing stale. Javy's coffee concentrate consist of only 2 ingredients, coffee and purified water. It's sealed airtight in a premium glass bottle so that it always remains fresh and flavorful!

4. Loved by thousands of influencers, customers, and press.

Friends drinking coffee together

Javy Coffee has been featured in USA Today, CBS News, Fox and more. It has over 100 million views across social media that are filled with raving coffeeholics. Javy has one of the fastest growing coffee communities in the world called the Javy Tribe. Their fans love to make fun, entertaining, and creative videos that showcase some of their favorite coffee recipes!

5. This is the best deal on coffee ever.

Javy Coffee exclusive limited time sale

I fell in love with Javy because of how easy it was to make my favorite coffees right home. It replaced all other coffee routines I had (coffee pods, coffee shops, french presses, etc). One of the biggest impacts that I've seen though is my savings. If you head over to Javy's new customer deal page, you can get coffee for as low as 60 cents per cup. Bonus Tip: Select 3 or more bottles to get the best deal and free shipping!

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  • Super easy to make any style coffee (hot or cold)
  • Rich silky-smooth coffee flavor with each pour
  • Delicious pure coffee extract with no fat and no sugar
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"I've never seen coffee in a concentrated version like that before that's so cool 😲 it's pretty cold here in dc too and I'm still sipping iced coffee 😂"

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"Oh I love @javycoffee !! I wanna try the mocha flavor they released"

Eduardo S.
4 hours ago

"Yum to Javy 😋"

Jessica K.
6 hours ago

"Javy coming through in the hot and cold! Love it 🙌"

Amanda P.
54 minutes ago

"I love javy!! The best iced coffee drinks at home"